Social Media Post (IG or FB) = 50 points

$1 = 1 point


500 points = $25 off

1000 points = $50 off

2000 points = $100 off

or free express aquapeel


get 200 points for every friend you refer

and your friend gets an extra 100 points on their first visit!


Paying WITH an app (paypal, venmo, cashaPp) OR

PAYING CASH also gets you an extra 100 points


Social Media Post (IG or FB) = 50 points

just tag us and use hashtag #glowgetter


Rewards accrued cannot be used the same day, but can either add up or be used on next service.


Points can only be accrued up to 5000, and then must be redeemed. If points are not redeemed, they will just remain the same, but no additional points will be accrued.