toxin touchups

touchups are sometimes necessary after treating with neurotoxins. Reasons can be that muscles are stronger on one side and need additional units. Sometimes there can be undesired movement in certain areas or pointy/overly raised brows. This is an easy fix, so please call back for a complimentary touch up.

Complimentary touchups are only for strange movement or unevenness.  If muscles are stronger or require a higher dose, then additional units need to be purchased. complimentary touchups should be scheduled no later than 2 weeks after treating with dysport and 3 weeks after treating with jeuveau. 


For Dysport, you must wait at least a week for a touchup, and at least 2 weeks for jeuveau. this ensures that the full effect has taken place before adding additional units. If more is added before waiting, brow heaviness, eye ptosis or unevenness can occur.

Typically we take a conservative approach when treating with toxins, especially if it's your first time. We recommend starting with a lower dosage and then working up to higher amounts if needed. If you did a treatment and it was not a high enough dosage for the results you are looking for, this would not be a touch up, and additional units would be need to be purchased.

We also recommend waiting the full 3-4 months before treating again (full dose) to prevent resistance to the product. It is also a good idea to switch up different toxins each time you treat. This will also reduce resistance. Glow med lounge does not dilute any product and we pride ourselves on the excellent results that we are able to achieve. sometimes toxins react differently, you might be immune to certain strains, or you may have become resistant. glow med lounge can not be held responsible for any particular toxin not performing the way you had hoped or are used to. If this happens, please contact your provider to discuss other options for treatment. 

please contact us as soon as your toxins kick in for complimentary touchups. if you wait longer than 2 weeks for dysport, or 3 weeks for jeuveau, then you will be  charged for the units used. 

filler touchups

filler touchups can sometimes be necessary in order to correct any unevenness or add a bit more volume in certain areas. If you purchased a full syringe, you can utilize our filler touch up system.  We will allow one touchup at a discounted cost for partial syringes. 1/4 syringe is priced at $100 and 1/2 syringe is $200. You must wait at least 2 weeks after treating to do a touchup, but no longer than one month.  If you wait longer than a month, then you must purchase another full syringe. we do not sell partial syringes alone! only for touchups after a full service. 

if you purchased a full syringe and did not use the entire amount in one session, we are able to save your syringe for up to 3 months. after 3 months, it will be discarded. we cannot remind clients to use their remaining filler, so we recommend adding this to your calendar so you do not forget about it! the appointment fee to use any remaining filler is $75. This is charged for each follow up appointment to use remaining filler and this covers the cost of time, numbing cream and any additional products used.  

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